Lithuanian fonts: Set #3

Global Lithuanian Net offers a big set of Lithuanian fonts for Windows 3.1 system. You can use them in Windows 95, 98 and NT systems except in Microsoft Office 97 programs.

CLICK to download any of them, UNZIP and ENJOY them!
  1. Century Schoolbook Bold
  2. Century Schoolbook Italic
  3. Century Schoolbook Normal
  4. Century Schoolbook Bold-Italic
  5. Letter Gothic Medium
  6. Garamond Bold
  7. Garamond Italic
  8. Garamond Normal
  9. Garamond Bold-Italic
  1. Kastler Italic
  2. Kastler Bold-Italic
  3. Memorandum
  4. Mural Script
  5. Palatino Bold
  6. Palatino Italic
  7. Palatino Normal
  8. Palatino Bold-Italic
  9. Shelley Allegro Script

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