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Holy Night

Old Legend: Hannah, is the Grandmother of God. (Everyone needs a Grandmother!)

Christmas, Yule, Hannukah, Deis Natalis Solis Invictus... and many, many names long forgotten... This day of birth is a far deeper and older celebration of Faith we share this time of year, a Celebration handed down since the dawn of time.

For now, the shortest day of the year has come and passed; the growing tide of darkness has begun to ebb. And with that, we celebrate the victories, and losses, births, and deaths; but more, we celebrate our common faith in The Past, and in The Future.

And so, one sub zero New England winter's night found me crunching snow and caroling door to door with a band of Catholics, Protestants, a few Orthodox Jews, and even a couple from Indian. Strangers though we might have been that evening, we had come together to celebrate our common Human heritage by spreading good cheer in the depths of Winter.

Though we well know that hard winter times are yet to come, we steep ourselves in Faith that spring shall also come. Let us All join to honor the incredible Gift of Life, and The Giver(s), no matter what our mortal opinions may be.

Firework at Xmas night

"Oh, Holy Night..."

Finishing sentence:
Laugh at yourself, Our Creator loves company -- and You!
After all, we wouldn't want our Creator to cancel the show, would we? --


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