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Lithuanian Government institutions:

The site of Lithuanian President

The site of Parliament of Lithuania

The site of Chancellery of Government (Prime Minister)

The site of Lithuanian Bank

The site of Lithuanian Statistics Department

European Committee

United Nations Development Programme Office in Lithuania

The site of Phare - European Union development programme

Ministry of Environment

Certification Centre of Building Products

Geological Survey of Lithuania

Department of Customs

Ministry of National Defence

Energy Committee of the Baltic Council of Ministers

Information Center for Homecoming Lithuanians

State Plant Protection Service

University Children Hospital

Reviews of WWW sites

Reviews of Lithuanian WWW sities
Review of WWW sites: Lithuanian Parlaiment - Seimas

Review of site of Lithuanian Parliament

Lithuanian Media sites:

Lietuvos Rytas: the biggest daily newspaper

West-express - daily of West-Lithuania region

Moteris: the biggest magazine for women

Cosmopolitan (in Lithuanian): one else magazine for women

Vyras ir moteris (Man and woman): a magazine for men and women

Prizme - best magazine for intelectual reading

Vartiklis - the biggest private e-zine online

Naujoji komunikacija: the best magazine in computer area

Tavo TV - the best teletext daily

Baltijos TV - a growing TV company

Kapsai: radio station in Marijampole

Klaipeda - daily of Memel (West-Lithuanian city at shore of Baltic sea)

Gyvenimas - Newspaper of Prienai and Birstonas

Gyvenimas - Aidai. Publisher, 'New Home' humanitarian magazine

Hand keeping prism Prizmė

 Best magazine 
 for intelectual reading 

Hand keeping prism

Lithuanian News sites:

Lithuanian radio live online translation

Weather and air polution information

Laisvoji Europa: live radio broadcasting in Lithuanian at 19:00-20:00 CET

Labas: daily computer related news in Lithuanian

New generation search system of ABC

Lithuanian news summary

Entertainment Centre - events, schedules and so...

Lithuanian Business sites:

Business trade and investment policy in Lithuania

Real estate: trade database

Lithuanian Innovation Centre

Veterinary supply company

APCO Baltic - workshop and garage equipment

NelteLink - the telemarketing

Call-Back internet telephony - for cheap calls

Infopreka - informational agency

Samonis's WWW site of new markets

Paper money and coins for collectors. Ads, links, books and more

Skaidula: communication equipment

MoDo Paper - Lithuania

Taulys - incoming tour operator

Vika - suspended GSP ceilings

Biuro pasaulis: office equipment

Svoris: the private forwarding company

Malsena: wheat flour, semolina, wheat germ flakes, bran

Draugyste - the sanatorium in Druskininkai health resort

V&G Hotel Club: 13 rooms hotel in the old town of Vilnius

Zemaites hotel in Vilnius

Zaliasis Tiltas - 2** hotel in Vilnius, near Green Bridge on the river Neris

Au-pairs agency in Germany

CanBalt - used powerboats, sailboats, watercrafts from Ontario, Canada

Baldu rojus - the furniture shopping centre in Vilnius

Danmeda - hygienic analysis, medical trade

Skirma - psychological support, S.Cesnaviciene personal firm

Spaineta - mobile phones for sale

Makatukas - taxi in Vilnius

Informational databases online:

Register of State Registers - common guide

Lithuanian Cultural heritage with state register

Lithuanian maps gallery

Complete railway timetables in Lithuania and neighboring countries

Vilnius city bus transport schedule

Directory of the best subject guides on the Net

Lithuanian Links at EntireWeb. Add your Lithuania related URL here...

Companies related to computers industry (more interesting and different in some kind from others):

Ars computandi


Ogmios & Optimus

Lithuanian culture and history online:

Lithuanian mythology

Links to Lithuanian history resources

Site of Samogitia region of Lithuania

Lithuanian culture site

Samogitian (Zemaitijos) culture site

Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis: Great Lithuanian painter and composer - his life and art.

The First Lithuanian Book and Its Cultural Context

400th anniversary of the Postilla (1599) by Mikalojus Dauksa

Lithuanian Customs & Traditions

The Origins of the Grand Duchy of Litva (Lithuania)

Ancient Lithuanian Kankles (Lithuanian stringed folk instruments)

The online copy of Lithuanians by Juozas Kudirka

Documents issued by state: Publications of the Lithuanian Metrica

First three chapters of book of Rytis Ambrazevicius - Lithuanian Roots

Weaving Ornaments in Lithanian Folk Textiles

Sadauja - folk group and gallery of Lithuanian national costumes

Collegium: Kaunas chamber music ensemble

Archaeological Resource Guide For Europe

Amber: The Jurassic Gem: The Baltic gem, a national treasure

MP3 Urvas - music site: MP3 and MIDI

Labirintas - art gallery: jewelry, textiles, ceramics and more

Fishery in Lithuania: events, tools, fishes, photos

Lithuanian community of capucins order

Flights of Fancy (Escape Into Imagination) - photography of J.Brazan

Mountainside - lyrics, live music records, tours of the group

Science and education:

Resources of Lithuanian Science institutions and schools

Litnet - Lithuanian Academic Network Lithuanian Academy of Sciences

Vilnius University

Vilnius Gediminas Technics University

Vilnius Pedagogical University

Kaunas Technikos Universitetas

Klaipeda Universitetas

Universitety of Vytautas Magnus

Research institutions

Institute of mathematics and informatics

Science Technology Park

Baltic Sea Birds study

Ministry of Education and Science

E-mails of schools and education organizations

Lifestyle, arts, leisure:

Lithuanian Football Federation (Soccer)

Elektra - modern electronic music group

Unreal - 3D action game server

Penguins - Java online game

Lithaunian chess online

Breadmaking in Lithuania

MTB style, mountain bikes

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Hare Krishna pagePage about Hare Krishna philosophy and lifestyle in Lithuanian. Contains a big section of Q and A's Vytenis
Hare Krishna pagePage about the Hare Krishna philosophy and lifestyle in Lithuanian. Contains a big section of Q and A's Vytenis
TheLithClubAtLargeThe Lithuanian Club At Large An International Lithuanian Club for Lithuanians, those of Lithuanian descent and those interested about Lithuania. Friendly discussions and conversations about what impacts our daily lives. What brings us together is our commonality. What separates us is the distances of miles. What keeps us together is the sharing and exchange of ideas. Lithuanian/English Language Chats with members. Talk to other members, live from around the world. Invite a member for live discussion, improve your language skills Raymond Balta
autoparts from USAAmerican Wholesale Export company offers full range of auto parts and accessories for export from USA. We also speak Russian! Please send your inquiries to partex, inc.
Baltic Contest 2001 General Rules BC-2001Baltic Contest General Rules, Results Information BC-2001. Jonas katalogasNuorodos i daugeli veikianciu .lt domeno www svetainiu. Linas
Mobile MAGICPuslapis skirtas tiems, kurie susimasto apie GYVENIMA! CARLOS CASTANEDA, LAZAREVAS, Sri Chinmoy, Sai BABA, ZEN Budizmo, Dao meistrai, ir kiti DIDIEJI bus pamineti siose puslapiuose. ... KARMA, LIKIMAS, LEMTIS, MEILE, MIRTIS, MAGIJA ... Jonas
Hare Krishna puslapis lietuviskaiPirmas puslapis lietuviskai apie Hare Krishna Vytenis
Vyduno filosofijos puslapisVyduno filosofijos puslapis Vytenis I want to know, where is the origin of my surname (lastname) Please if you know somthing write me thank“s} Iam form Mexico Karla Maltos no sites to ofer i'm looking for help!info on great grand parents who fled lithuania when it was under soviet rule.they settled in hudson ny. anthony & victoria palkus.any site info. would be helpful. thanks JKELLOGG
Best Art Shop.comOnline gallery offering original works of art by Lithuanian artists. Amber jewelry, sculpture, ceramics, crafts, and a large selection of fine art. Free gift wrap - credit cards accepted. D.Pakalnis
History of Broadcasting in LithuaniaInternet resources of Lithuanian broadcasting history. Sigitas Zilionis
Lietuvos geju tinklasZinios,naujienos ir informacija apie Lietuvos and viso pasaulio geju bei lesbieciu gvenima,apklausos ir pokalbiai,pazinciu skiltis,informacija apie klubus ir organizacijas, sveikatos skyrelis. Darius
American Lithuanian Yellow PagesAmerican Lithuanian Yellow Pages Valdas Sinkevicius
CybermancerPuslapis moksleiviams, kompiuteriai, sportas, muzika Karolis
MAXITEL Global Communications SolutionsMaxitel offers our customers some of the best rates for domestic(USA), international, calling card, Toll-free numbers, T-1 and DSL services. Call Maxitel for more information at: 708-458-0322 • 888-606-342 or send e-mail to or wisit us on the web for more information. Provided by Valdas Sinkevicius Valdas Sinkevicius
ETRONIKA >> Cost Effective Internet SolutionsOffering banks cost-effective Internet and wireless banking solutions in addition to Internet, b2b projects, development, integration, security consultancy to a broad scope of users. Kestutis Gardziulis site contains original artwork by Esther Ananis, 3rd generation American-Lithuanina. is created and maintained by Peter Brown, Esther Ananis' son . Peter Brown
Argentinos Lietuviu Centras - Centro Lituano de ArgentinaIt shows the mission, history, groups, calendar of events and news about the Argentinos Lietuviu Centras or Centro Lituano de Argentina. Alfredo Dziugis
LCCLithuania Christian College Jurgita Kavaliunaite
Lithuanian Citizens' Society of Western PAA Chariable and fraternal organization of Lithuanian-Americans in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We have a social club and operate a bingo from which we have made donations to Lithuanian causes averaging $50,000 per year. John Baltrus
Story of Lithuanian soldierThis is a unique memoirs (first Lithuanian online-only book, published on the Web since 1998; in Lithuanian) of former Lithuanian army soldier Leonas Cerskus - survivor of Chervene massacre. "Photo gallery" and "Links" pages are most interesting for English speaking visitors. Webmaster
Baltic Business ServerBusiness contacts in the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania). Economic reviews, list of companies, message board. Hurmaster Ltd. great, great, great grandfather came from lithuanian republic in the 1700 before migrating to lemberg then america. his name was martin jamrog. is there any way to trace my roots? marianne hoover
Art-Milda.comIt is a catalogue of lithuanian paintings. Ceslova Mataciunaite
Charlonis eGroupAn online forum for uniting and disseminating communication within the global Lithuanian Charlonis (American) family. C^iurlionis - Original Lithuanian spelling? Brian Charlonis
RETIRE QUICKLY CORPORATION OF AMERICANow in Lithuania looking for Business Minded people to take this on. Already in Slovakia, Czech Republic and 45 other countries. Why not Lithuania. American dream possible for the right people on the NET. Send for the FREE report available through my Web Site and realise the potential. "Life is no rehearsal" Jo Hall
CARGO.LTCargo and transport search and matching system Aleksandras! I am an American,who's grandmother was from Vilnius. A chance encounter with a Lithuanian girl, named Lina in Yonkers,NY,USA,led to my renewed inspiration to visit Lithuania. I had been taking informal language lessons from Lina, and she was a good friend.However,I am concerned for her safety and whereabouts as she hasn't been around and I had been planning to make the trip to Lithuania Oct,2000 with her. She used an internet web service that began with the letter "G". She was also a student at Vilnius Univ. and had her Associate Degree in Business,looking to continue two more years and get what is known as a "Batchelor's Degree" (4 years). I would greatly apreciate any email that would let me know that she got home safely as she had become like a "cousin" to me. Last time she was seen was in Yonkers,NY working as a waitress at the "Argonaut Diner/Restaurant". Any help would be apreciated greatly,a`ciu, presau, Many Thanks. Sincerely, Dennis Anton ( Dennis Anton
Jazz Collectors & TradersSite for Jazz Collectors & Traders. Igor Balenko
TamortiKeturi draugai. Dainam lingsmai Venecioje. Mes patinka Lietuva ir Lietuvos radio stotis. Vienas lietuviskai puslapis. Paulius Furlanas
True TalesUnusual and off-beat stories taken from history. Tony Sakalauskas above site offers information on basketball players and leagues from many countries around the world, as well as news items related to the various national teams. An excellent way to keep track of the up-and-coming Lithuanian players. Tom Gregg (Grigonis) for Lithuanian dress. I am of Lithuanian heritage and would like to show my children a true garment made in Lithuanian. My mother's maiden name was Yaskulite and family name of Stanislavatis. Still looking for relatives in Lativa and Lithuania. Thanks. Anne E. Oestreich
To put under boycott "Lietuvos rytas"Please put under BOYCOTT newspaper "Lietuvos rytas", because for antipope, antichurch position Rasa
Lithuanian Business Information CentreProvides information to Lithuanian business people as well as informs foreign businessmen on different Lithuanian issues. Asta
Art siteart theory and criticism, lithuanian contemporary art, art links Virginijus Kinčinaitis
Lithuanian-American Community, Inc. The Lithuanian-American Community provides educational, cultural, and social services and serves the interests of over one million Americans of Lithuanian heritage. Pranas Pranckevicius
Lithuanian Agricultural Scientific Research Institutions You can find information about Lithuanian Agricultural Scientific Research Institutions, research projects and useful Lithuanian agricultural links here. Tomas Balciunas
OK Chatline LithuaniaThis chat is part of OK Chatline Baltic Network.Kaupo Kalda
OK Chatline LatviaThis chat is part of OK Chatline Baltic NetworkKaupo Kalda
The biggest pro life sitePro life abort post abort sindrom reabilitation Skrinskas Robertas
Lithuanian Movie Data BaseWhat, when and where - information about cinema theaters all over the country, updated daily. Visitor comments and ratings are welcome. Moudrick Dadashov
Litin NetLithuanian link directory. Rimvis
Canbalt e-Shopping Canabalt e-shopping is a Internet superstore, offering a comprehensive selection of brand name computer hardware and peripherals as well as unique gift store at everyday low prices.Val Bieliauskas
Lithuanian culture in USA Nov.19-21 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin was t he International Folk Festival(like every year). American -Lithuanians from Chicago Northern suburbs and Wisconsin attended this event. There were Lithuanian cultural and market booths. Also American-Lithuanian folkdance groups "Klumpe" and "Spindulys" were dancing very succesfully. The Lithuanian cultural booth was the best of all. It was written on the special certificate. Aida Sabulyte-Gust
Book about Lithuania A new novel written by a Lithuanian-Canadian that contains an excellent summary of Lithuania's Partisan War against the Soviets.Antanas
BalticLinks BalticLinks is an internet guide to the Baltic States - Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Search for news, travel, culture, business and shopping information Uldis Krievars
BalticShop.comAn online store offering original gifts from the Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania including jewelry, ceramics, crafts, music, wrought iron, collectibles, food and other stuff. Worldwide delivery. Uldis Krievars
Searching Good day! It would like to receive the following information: In which address I can consult the telefonica stack of inhabitants of some city of the Lituānia. I am in Brazil, my son is descending of lituāno... its grandfather if it called Antonius Senvaitis..e we gostariamos to find relatives who had been in this country. I am thankful the attention. Luciana Lisbon SenvaitisLuciana Lisboa Senvaitis
Baltic Heritage Gifts & Mementos We have gifts and mementos relating to Lithuania and Lithuanian heritage. Currently, we offer top quality tshirts, sweatshirts, and polo shirts with Lithuanian designs. We will be adding other products and designs on a continuous basis. Please visit our site for gifts. If we don't have what you are looking for, please email us with your ideas. Bulk orders accepted Karena Nemunas
Lithuanian Gays and Lesbian Web Site Informacinis puslapis Lietuvos gėjams ir lesbietėms. Susirašynėjimo skyrelis. Informational page for gays and lesbians in Lithuania. Penpals section.webmaster
Ames Company, Inc. The Ames Company, is a small Food brokerage/Consulting company doing business with food manufacturers. Primarily with Meats, Poultry, Seafood and related ingredients. Also Vegetarian and Vegan products and ingredients.Joe (Yakubaskas) Ames Sr.
Lithuanian Youth of American: Chicago Division This website shows the vibrant Lithuanian youth culture of the greater Chicago area. Joe Plenys
Deimantinio Kelio BudizmasTibeto deimantinio kelio budizmo centras Lietuvoje Danas Kazlauskas
Vilnius on VideoThe first English language video cassette about the history and culture of Vilnius. Thomas Wilbur
LIETUVISKI PASIKALBEJIMAI (CHAT)Pakviesk draugus! Tegu tai bus Jusu susitikimo Internete vieta. Audrius
Anekdotai:-) Zbygniewas
Real EstimateDomain for sale Audrius
Entire Web DirectoryLinks. Web Directory. Audrius
World Paper Money, cCoins & StampsMust see. World Paper Money, cCoins & Stamps Audrius
PavasarisNuostabus puslapis, skirtas vienos idomios merginos gyvenimo istorijai. Lengva erotika... Pazinciu skyrelis. Laukiame Jusu! PiatrasDG
LABAS! - Ironical worlds of Kairus Grazuolis Sunku trumpai nusakyti, prisijunkite ir patys pamatysite. Mano (deja nesu ekspertas) nuomone labai idomi vieta. Algis C.
Vilnius Jazz FestivalAnnual international jazz festival Vilnius Jazz is the only contemporary jazz festival in Lithuania, one of the best jazz festivals in Eastern Europe. The aim of the festival is to inform Lithuanian jazz fans about the world modern jazz trends.The participants invited to the festival are best European and world jazz musicians. Antanas Gustys
Lokalus TinklaiLokalus Tinklai - bandymas surinkti informacijos apie lokalius tinklus visoje Lietuvoje. Chia jus rasite SARASA lokaliu tinklu bei norinchiu jungtis i juos ir galesite uzhsiregistruoti. Dar: failai, nuorodos, draiveriai, straipsniai apie LAN, lietuvos ISP ju kainos. Tinklai
Randburg InternationalTo Whom It May Concern, Company "Multiplex" is a representative of the Randburg CorporationLtd. in Lithuania. To find out more about Randburg please open the homepage. It has a separate section for Lithuania, the section also indludes ddifferent categories, like Industries, Education, Institutions, etc. If that is of interest to you, please add this link to your site. Sincerely, Vytas Kabašinskas, Ph.D Vytas Kabašinskas


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